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Advanced English Dictionary

Advanced English Dictionary4.1.0.1

Massive English dictionary focused on usability and discovery

When I was at school I remember a pile of 3.5 inch floppy disks taller than me sitting next to a CD with the proud label, “all of these fit on a single CD”. That same CD held Encarta, the digital encyclopedia. It seemed impossible – like the whole breadth of human knowledge could fit on a flat piece of plastic.

Now, some 20 years later, I take it for granted, and looking at Advanced English Dictionary I find myself thinking… “Yes, and?”, as I search for what else it does.

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  • Roselle Laburada

    by Roselle Laburada

    Easy to access and find words. It is also helpful especially I am now a student that precisely need this app for my research

  • by Anonymous

    Pronunciation not played in AED. Earlier all pronunciation was played. But nowadays no pronunciation-American or British- is played in the Advanced English Dictionary installed on my PC. Cons: Pronunciation is not played at all in Advanced English Dictionary.

  • by Anonymous

    Is AED available for android devices?. I already used AED on my pc, but I wonder if it is available for android devices or not? Pros: support uk & us accents. Cons: offline working. onthing more