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Advanced English Dictionaryhelp and info

  • What is Advanced English Dictionary?

    Advanced English Dictionary is an app containing a complete English dictionary that you can read and search from the comfort of your computer. It is designed to offer everything that a user could hope for from an English dictionary.

  • Does Advanced English Dictionary cost anything to use?

    No. Advanced English Dictionary is completely free to download and install, and comes with no fees or hidden costs. Simply download the file, install it, and you will be ready to go.

  • What platforms are Advanced English Dictionary available for?

    The app is available for Windows 10 and Android. Users of other platforms such as Mac will not be able to use this particular program; however, there are similar apps available for other platforms, so it will be worth looking for an alternative if necessary.

  • How many different entries does Advanced English Dictionary have?

    The app has around 400,000 entries. This will be more than enough for anybody who wants to browse the English language and sample a rich variety of different words and terms, along with definitions.

  • Is Advanced English Dictionary illustrated?

    Yes, the app comes with illustrations. While not all entries are illustrated, the presence of images for selected terms will make the dictionary a little easier to use when looking up unfamiliar words and understanding their meanings.

  • Does Advanced English Dictionary include a pronunciation guide?

    Yes, as well as definitions, the app offers pronunciation guides for each word. This adds another useful feature to an app that will already come in handy for many users.

  • What are the drawbacks to using Advanced English Dictionary?

    The main drawback is that the user will need to know the exact spelling of a word before they can search for it. This is in contrast to physical dictionaries, where the reader needs only to know the first few letters before they can find the word they are looking for. In addition, some users may prefer the general feel of physical dictionaries.

  • Does Advanced English Dictionary contain synonyms and antonyms?

    Yes, the app contains both synonyms and antonyms for the words in its database. This means that it can be used as a comprehensive thesaurus, as well as a dictionary, thereby doubling its value as a reference tool.

  • Does Advanced English Dictionary provide the etymology of words?

    Yes, the app provides the etymology of words, as well as definitions. This is useful to anybody who wants to know not just what a word means, but also where it comes from and how it might have altered throughout the history of the English language.

  • What advantages does Advanced English Dictionary have over a physical dictionary?

    While certain users may prefer physical dictionaries, this app nonetheless has a range of advantages of its own. It is up-to-date and comprehensive in a manner that physical dictionaries may not, and as a piece of computer software, it can be consulted quickly and conveniently for research purposes while the user is at work on their computer.